Three Features You Want Added to Every Product

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Was hoping powerbooks would be released last week and held off on this but oh well.

the usual.... 3 features besides clockspeed

PowerMac G5

1. Option for Dual at every level... dual 1.6 dual 1.8, dual 2.0

2. Better internal expansion

3. A swing down door

Powerbook G4 (12 inch)

1. DVI

2. L3 cache

3. PC Card slot

Powerbook G4 (15 inch)

1. Aluminum case

2. Firewire 800/Airport Extreme

3. Optical Audio i/o

Powerbook G4 (17 inch)

1. Better graphics chip

2. Higher resolution screen

3. Optical audio i/o

iMac G4

1. G5

2. optical audio i/o

3. Better graphics chipset


1. G4

2. 13.1 inch screen

3. DVI with extended desktop


1. lower price

2. better graphics chipset

3. alter the design of the front a bit... i don't like it


1. 17 inch widescreen

2. USB 2 Hubs

3. Adjustable stands


1. Line in

2. a Firewire port back

3. Different colors


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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I don't know...pretty much most of what you said, in particular about the PowerBooks and iBooks.

    I just think it's funny that this has become some of a recurring, quarterly thread from you. A proud tradition at AI...applenut's "name three things..." thread.

    Usually gets stuff stirred up pretty good. By this time Wednesday, this thread should be a hoot!

    "7" color iPod screen, Bondi blue iSight, 6-button mouse and 49" Drive-In displays! Oh, and G4 iBooks..."

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    PowerMac G5:

    1. More internal expansion

    2. Lower minimum price (or have higher-end G4s fill in)

    3. More duals available

    PowerMac G4:

    1. Lower price to fill in for the high minimum price of G5s, or just kill it off and replace with less expensive G5


    1. No more 15" model

    2. BIG price cut to make it worth the money for a change

    3. Better graphics chip - the current set is beyond weak. You have to jump to the $1700 price point to get a halfway decent one, and even that sucks. I'd say put a Radeon 9600 on the high end and a Radeon 9000, 9200 or GeForce FX on the low end. It can't be upgraded so it should at least be somewhat adequate to start with.


    1. Slightly better monitor, allowing 80 Hz at 1280x1024 instead of having to use 1280x960 at a flickery 72 Hz.

    2. Stand included with purchase (come ON, this should have been done the moment it came out)

    3. That's really about it... the eMac is really at a good spot right now. Maybe a lower price on the low end, but I can't think of anything else.

    PowerBook 17":

    1. Lower price... $3300 is enormous, make it $3000.

    2. Better graphics, like a Radeon 9600 Mobility.

    3. It needs better keyboard and trackpad placement. I used one once... the trackpad button is too far up and not big enough, and the trackpad itself just feels strange. I think they could do better.

    PowerBook 15":

    1. Updated enclosure to match the 12" and 17" ones.

    2. New features from 17" PowerBook, such as FireWire 800, light-up keyboard, Airport Extreme, and bluetooth.

    3. Can't really think of much else for this one either... maybe that's why Apple has taken so long to update it, it's still a very good machine.

    PowerBook 12":

    1. L3 cache and PC card slot to make it actually a PowerBook and not just an iBook on steroids.

    2. Better graphics chip.

    3. More base RAM... should be 256 MB on the motherboard and a 256 MB module. Or possibly have two slots instead of saddling it with non-removable RAM. It's a POWERbook, after all, intended for POWER users who might need more than 640 MB of RAM.


    1. Sh*t or get off the pot WRT the 14" model. Either they standardize on 14", making the case as thin and light as the 12" with just a bigger footprint, or they should somehow make the 14" better than the 12" other than just making the pixels larger. They could make the 14" into a widescreen, special edition iBook that might also offer a higher powered processor, or they could compromise on a 13" screen size to please both the mobility fanatics and the ones with poor eyesight.

    2. G4 processor

    3. More base RAM - there should be at least 256 MB on the motherboard, and the high end model should ship with 512 MB. OS X is demanding and if Apple wants people to not get the impression that their computers are horribly slow, they need to reduce their margins slightly by increasing the amount of RAM. It'll work to their benefit in the long run.

    ALL laptops:

    1. Two-button trackpad, with one of those little scroll thingies that goes between the buttons and acts like a scroll wheel. I prefer those scroll devices over just rubbing your finger along the edge.

    2. More hard drive choices. Although desktops generally all come with 7200 RPM drives (the PowerMacs at least), all of Apple's laptops come with 4200 RPM drives and in most cases, they can't be replaced by the end user. Apple should at least give PowerBook buyers the choice of a 5400 RPM drive for an extra fee. Even if it ends up costing more than replacing the hard drive yourself, it removes the hassle and the problem of voiding your warranty.
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    ensign pulverensign pulver Posts: 1,193member
    Thanks Applenut, love your "three things" threads! Here's mine:

    PowerMac G5

    1. Midrange dual standard

    2. Better internal expansion

    3. A swing down door

    Powerbook G4 (all models)

    1. Higher rez displays

    2. identical motherboards and L3 cache across the board

    2. Better graphics cards

    iMac G4

    1. G5

    2. 20" screen

    3. lower price


    1. G4

    2. Better graphics card

    3. lower price


    1. lower price

    2. lower price

    3. lower price


    1. Kill the 17" Studio Display

    2. Make the current 20" the entry level display at $999

    3. thinner bezel


    1. Color screen with full MPEG 4 playback

    2. Cell phone functionality with combo bluetooth headphones/earpiece

    3. I can dream, can't I?
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member


    1. Line in

    2. a Firewire port back

    3. Different colors

    Hmm. I have the 30 GB model, and a FireWire port would fit, but putting one on the thinner models would be quite a feat.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    Powerbook G4 (15 inch)

    1. Aluminum case.

    2. Battery life.

    3. Battery life.
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    discocowdiscocow Posts: 603member
    1: Two button mice

    2: ppc 970s

    3: ≈ price - 15%

    4: a happy white pony
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    i probably will hold off on another Ipod because i can't live w/o the firewire port.

    i think my original ipod is perfection. I like the original size/weight/ moving wheel as well original button positions.

    after 3 years it still works perfect and worth every penny. it has completely changed my music habits.
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    jobjob Posts: 420member
    For the 12"

    1. L3 cache

    2. Better GPU (Radeon 9600M) with at least 64MB of VRAM

    3. Do something about the heat issues (i.e. cooler chips )
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    alexanderalexander Posts: 206member
    1) Higher resolution screens all around (and the OS support to make everybody love them).

    2) Glowy keyboards all around.

    3) Thinner, thinner, thinner. You can never be too sexy.
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    jobjob Posts: 420member

    Originally posted by Alexander

    2) Glowy keyboards all around.

    That would be very nice. Imagine the entire line of Powerbooks with back-lit keyboards. *drool*
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    alexanderalexander Posts: 206member
    Oh, and a snap-out mouse on PowerBooks. I hate trackpads. (Or some other new pointing innovation -- touchscreen?)
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    In no specific order of importance:

    Laptops, longer battery life.

    Consumer machines, MUCH LOWER PRICES

    Towers, not towers per se, rather a G5 Cube redux to slot between a drastically reduced iMac, down to 1299 Superdrive17 and the entry tower, which can stay at 1999 for all I care. Headless FAST upgradeable machine between 1299-1499.
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    agent302agent302 Posts: 974member

    Originally posted by macnn sux

    after 3 years it still works perfect and worth every penny. it has completely changed my music habits.

    Umm, just wondering, but didn't the iPod get originally released in October 2001? Which is less than 2 years ago.
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    cliveclive Posts: 720member
    more, more and more
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    idiotidiot Posts: 5member
    Oh, well,, I'd like to see

    Power Mac G5

    1-An internal DVD+RW drive, which can be easily upgraded/replaced when the time comes. Possible DVD RAM support too please, if possible.

    2-Dual internal optical drives, case redesign permitting.

    3-At least one more Firewire 800 port

    Power Book

    1-Bluetooth as standard

    2-The option of a tray optical drive

    3-Keeping the 15' model going


    1-More competitive features than comparable PCs

    2-A swivel base, so rear ports can be easily accessed?

    3-Apart from high end proffesional hardware and processors, have features such as a DVD+RW drives as custom options on the iMac. And if pigs were to fly, I'd like to see external monitor support.


    1-Keep in closer balance with the iMac if possible

    2-Updated case design?

    3-External monitor support, never likely to happen of courcse, as with the iMac.


    1-Price drop, price drop, price drop. It's cannibalizing the iMac at it's current price

    2-Perhaps an even smaller version, similar to the old iMac, but still at a reasonable price, with expandability options. Oh, and my fairly predictable wish of external monitor support is present here.

    3-Day glo original-iMac colours! That slight dash of colour in the lineup has been missing for a while, and although it may make the eMac look cheap, it would certainly be cheerful. Even better, perhaps the option of slip-in personalized colour schemes?

    Mouse and Keyboard

    1-A line of mice, ranging from the classic single button to high-end specialized monsters for video work, etc.

    2-Again, specialized keyboards, split into pro and consumer catagories, perhaps involving some sort of clip-in unit system.

    3-Bluetooth and some sort of clever power system for the mice and keyboards would be great.


    Dare I say it, the iPod is probably just perfect, for me at least, and if it were ever to become not so, I'm sure Apple would rectify the situation with aplomb.

    Well, there are all the mad ramblings that I can think of for the minute. Feel free to rip them apart of course, pointing out all their inaccuracies, if the mood were to take you.....
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member

    Originally posted by applenut

    Was hoping powerbooks would be released last week and held off on this but oh well.

    the usual.... 3 features besides clockspeed

    Powerbook G4 (17 inch)

    1. Better graphics chip

    2. Higher resolution screen

    3. Optical audio i/o

    1) yes, the bigger the better. Anyway the current graphics chip, is not that bad. Watching DVD on a 17 inch powerbook is a real fine experience.

    2) The current resolution of the powerbook is excellent : 1400 per 900 = 100 dpi. Small characters are perfectly viewable on these screen. Higher resolutions, will be a nightmare for such small characters. Lowers resolutions of LCD screen are always of lesser quality, the image tend to appear blur. I don't want the excessive high resolution of PC : 1600 per 1200 on 15 inch. 1,3 millions of pixel is perfect for a 17 inch.

    The screen of the powerbook 17 is really awesome.

    3) why not ?
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    thttht Posts: 3,243member
    I like wishful thinking threads too! Maybe someone should collate the results and do statistics.

    New products

    1. G5 mini (1 CPU, 1 AGP, 1 PCI, 1 optical, 1 disk, 2 DIMMs)

    2. G4 mini (1 of everything and 2 DIMMs)

    3. Apple-fied hard disk recorder for television

    PowerMac G5

    1. Dual CPU across the line

    2. 2 external bays, 4 internal bays w/4 SATA channels

    3. SATA RAID


    1. PowerPC 970 architecture

    2. 1600x1066 LCD display

    3. Front port I/O


    1. $599 Moto 7457 architecture

    2. 1280x1024 @ 85 Hz monitor

    3. Front port I/O

    Powerbook 17"

    1. PowerPC 970 architecture

    2. 1600x1066 LCD display option (1440x900 standard)

    3. 4 GB RAM

    Powerbook 15"

    1. PowerPC 970 architecture

    2. 1440x900 LCD display option (1280x854 standard)

    3. 2 button trackpad

    Powerbook 13" (aka 12")

    1. PowerPC 970 architecture

    2. 1280x854 LCD display option (1152x768 standard)

    3. USB ports on both sides

    iBook 12"

    1. 7457 architecture

    2. USB ports on both sides

    3. Robust power connector

    iBook 14"

    1. 7457 architecture

    2. 1280x960 display option (1150x864 standard)

    3. USB ports on both sides


    1. iMac arm

    2. Microphone embedded

    3. Speaker embedded


    1. FM/AM tuner

    2. Recording capability

    3. 5 GB $199 option

    Keyboard and Mice

    1. Ergonomic keyboard option

    2. Bluetooth

    3. Multibutton mouse
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    robbyrobby Posts: 108member
    id rather a G5 cube
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