Pimp vs. iPod II

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Well this sounds very similar to what we expected from an iPod II device... I assume Apple has been well aware of this for a while and thus I don't think the iPod will get bitch slapped by the Pimp...but because Pimp has intel and the usual ho's behind it Dell, HP, Gateway...it sounds like cost wise they might have an advantage... some more info is available here

<a href="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=7119"; target="_blank">Big Pimp'n</a>


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    this is really the only direction an apple "tablet" would make sense for me ...

    form factor: about the size of a dvd jacket (19 x 13,5 cm), about as thick a the ipod

    if possible include a dvd-drive.

    airport extreme

    stream your itunes/iphoto/movies, (dvd's if possible) to any airport equiped stereo/tv.

    touch sensitive screen: resolution maybe 800 x 800


    apart from possible technical and cost issues, i see the main reason for apple delaying any such product would be that they would definately want to include web browsing into this "tablet/ipod II" -&gt; so it would have to wait until safari is finalised.?!

    oh yes, graphics could maybe be powered by something coming out of their raycer acquisition?

    well, i don't really know anything aout the technicall stuff but that's what i would really like to have in my home.

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    Quote from the article:

    [quote] ...Technology in the PIMP includes MPEG 4 software... <hr></blockquote>

    So what happened to Microsoft's proprietary technology (Corona)?

    They like mpeg now?
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    "Technology in the PIMP includes MPEG 4 software"

    What about DRM? Is this a tilt of the hat to Apple?

    Please Ignore: Didn't see the previous post.

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    realnetworks just announced the they are giving DRM functionality in mpeg4 and mp3
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