iTunes imports not showing up later

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ok, i've been having permissions problems on my G4 quicksilver single processor 867 with 2 60 gb hard drives and 640 ram...

I have fixed a slew of problems with itunes being annoying, and safari not saving cookies... fixed it all.. now my new problem is this, i'll import my camera's contents in iphoto, and then quit the program, then open iPhoto, and the import won't show up. The pictures are really on my HD in my iphoto folder, but they aren't showing up in my iphoto library.

I've now imported about 5 times without them residually showing in my iP library... it's not a humongous problem, cause i only import the pics then use them in photoshop, and others, but iphoto organizes them so much better than anything else...

if anyone needs more info, just post, i can expound.. thanks!

<edit> i'm an idiot. i meant iphoto, obviously, in my thread name, can a moderator change this?
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