gelding, fix your title, "Apple---All Laptop----All the Time", thread redirect inside

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I am I going nuts or did we lose a thread in here? Wasn't there a thread, by thegelding, iThink, positing the posibility of Apple as a laptop only company? Where did it go? Did it get sucked into a blackhole, or do I just need some sleep?

edit: thanks guys. see last post

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    I distinctly remember the thread...but can't help you find it.
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    Calling the Gelding, you out there? Mods, anyone... I'd be nice if f-ing UBB search worked, but it's a testament to Brad that anything in UBB works this well already. Shut me down if died, or give a linky if I'm just too obtuse to find it.
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    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    try this.

    for some reason it can be found under the other "pimp/ipod II" thread, which dislays a wrong title ...

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    thanks matsu...i will look for and change the title if it mysteriously changed....g

    oh well...maybe the mods can is beyond my little brain power to fix.....g

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    thread seems to have left the cosmic plane i is my reply to that thread....


    i guess what i am saying is that should apple jump ahead of the game like it did with the made people want an aio again...i think almost all home users will be using notebook only in 5 should "own" that market now and then be a major dealer again when nobody has towers buy pros and have to admit that the average home computer user doesn't change cards and upgrade graphics...same with work hopital has thousands of computers...they are never upgraded, just replaced every few years....same at home...the computer runs till it either dies or is too slow and then it is replaced....i think that since the pro laptops are equal to the consumer computer, that pro laptops will invade the home front....leaving towers to, as i said too many times, "pros and geeks"....we have a lot of pros and geeks here, so there is a big call for towers here...but i see small and mobile as a plus for home as notebooks get faster and better they will replace iMacs and eMacs and comsumer dells....since apple makes the best and fastest laptops, they could make a killing if they lead the charge away from AIOs and from consumer towers....make notebooks (lots of them) and a PRO/GEEK tower...shit, even call it the PRO/GEEK TOWER, many people will love to own that, the rest can buy a notebook or two....g
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Certain Apple disadvantages are really minimized, actually nonexistant, when it comes to laptops, and that area of the market is growing. Your right that now is the time for Apple to smack the competition over the head and really make a serious push in laptops (which I believe they have now begun)

    Still have to keep making desktops though!
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    They moved them into their appropriate categories. So it may be in current hardware?
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