Win 95: Mutiple User Profiles?

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How do I create a new user profile on my Win 95 box?

Can I delete an existing profile?

Can I rename an existing profile?

How many profiles can I have?


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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    To create a profile

    Open control panel - passwords, user profiles.

    From there it is fairly self explanatory.

    Can't remember much about deleting except that you needed to remove somefiles from the c:/win/profiles dir as well.

    I think there were also registry changes.

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    Nice windows question...

    I love talking about Win95 in an Apple based forum...

    Well you can make as many user profiles as you want... there is a limit but you will never hit it.

    Win95 eh? What hardware is it running on? If you can get your hands on 98SE do it... 98SE is a lot better with more than one user.
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