what about new displays

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waw, what an expo, lots of new cool stuff

but where are the new displays

this is the thing I was waiting for

I would consider the formac 20.1" tft if it was a 16/10.

For the moment there's nothing out there in the 19-21 range with this aspect ratio...

Somebody an idea?


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    I have no date or anything, but I would bet within a month-a month an a half. Jst say by 3/1/03 I would bet there will be new/revised displays to go along with revised PMs.
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    I am amazed that Apple doesnt have a 19" LCD yet. I am also suprised that Apple hasn't dropped the price of their 17" LCD yet (promos aside).

    I am ready to buy an LCD, but I will wait until Apple makes a move, and then decide.

    I really think Apple may also sell a 54" HD LCD (like Gateway) eventually. After all, Apple seems to be in a "bigger is better" mode now. Too bad they cant admit that faster is better. Apple has a torn Achiles heel in the CPU dept. I hope the 970 combined with a fresh new line of big LCDs help the pro PC contingent to "switch" in 2003!

    I hope to be playing Doom 3 on a "G5" and 19"+ LCD this year! :0)

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