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Well, after I was somewhat disapointed by the fact that Apple did not release a Tablet at Macworld SF, I decided to whip-up my own. This is not meant to be some sort of SpyMac picture, but simply a very rough mock-up to get the point across. I have included some specs that we bashed out on the eve of the conference when hopes were still high.

I'm sorry to anyone who has already read some of these specs in a previous post.

I wanted to use the Apple G4 Silver / Grey enclosure for the tablet, but I ran out of time. And by the way, creating the screen capture was the funnest part. I hope you can see it...

Oh well, here it is....

iPad (xPad)

700MHZ G3



7" High x 8" Wide

1" Thick

8.5" LCD (5" x 7")

1024 x 730 Resolution

Firewire 800?


Airport Extreme



Composite Video/Audio Out??

Stereo Speakers? Like iBook.

Jaguar X (Lite?)

TouchScreen w/ Stylus


iLife (iApps)

Safari (Web Browser)



Runs most or all Mac apps.

Remote Desktop Software:

Control you desktop remotely. Think not as a consumer but from a professional POV. In the office or other network environment this technology could be really amazing. We can't forget Apple is now really pushing towards enterprise and office environments. This might be a great way to work with an Xserve, or a whole rack of 'em. Couple this with X running on Xserve via Rendezvous & Airport Extreme and you have quite a nifty little wireless remote access device.

Becomes wireless extension of your Mac, while connected or not.

Attach to Desktop:

Sync Music, Address Book, Email, Calendar, Safari (Web Browser)

Grab Photo Library, grab Digital Video

Or simply use as extremely advanced USB Touch Tablet.


Surf Web, Display Pics / Video, Listen to Music (w/ iTunes 4 & Rendezvous), Cut DV, connect DigiCam, works like subcompact powerbook.

WiFi Connect: (Airport Extreme / Bluetooth)

Sync, remote control, grab resources, Rendezvous other Macs & Peripherals.

It would be fantastic.

Use as in House / Office Rolodex. Could become very useful tool. Alarm Clock, Notepad, Address Book, Calendar (family). As soon as a computer breaks free from the home office, it could become so many different things. Something as simple as an extremely advanced remote for your TV, complete with clickable TV listings... check the web, see the Simpsons is on, click the Link and the iPad fires up your TV, selects the right station and away you go, all via Bluetooth and a simple Infra-Red/Bluetooth adaptor attached to your TV. It's all totally possible, the ideas are limitless.

Think of all the software possibilities that haven't yet been thought of. Great for Database management & Productivity in Office environment. With Rendezvous enabled it could be really amazing. Print to local printers, access local servers, connect to Rendezvous enabled devices like scanners or stuff that hasn't yet come to market, whatever. It is in many ways the next logical step.

Because of the cheaper parts, the thing could be relatively inexpensive. If they can make and sell an iBook for $999USD, this thing could feasibly hit the market at $799 - $999, depending on the feature set and Apple's Profit Margins. I guess the one component that is probably really pricey is the largish Touchscreen. Not unlike LCD technology, I'm sure once one or two companies start using them the cheaper they'll get.

Think about it, all of the above technologies are currently available. Other than the TouchScreen, the hardware is all older, relatively cheap stuff. All of the software Apple has already implemented in OSX Jaguar, even Remote Desktop and Rendezvous. This isn't really far fetched stuff. In fact I'd be really surprised if they aren't already designing it.


This link is higher quality:

<a href="http://homepage.mac.com/matttichenor/PhotoAlbum5.html"; target="_blank">http://homepage.mac.com/matttichenor/PhotoAlbum5.html</a>;



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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member
    Nice job.

    I would like narrower boarders, but with the black, it is interesting how the screen can be made to look so bright.

    For me a tablet needs to be more portable to fill my niche, but keep up the designing!
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    Yes, the boarders need to be muuuch thinner...but I like the concept a lot and it looks pretty realistic. Fran is drooling!
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    would you be able to get an lcd that is 1024x786 @ 5x7?

    even so, wouldnt it be hard to read off of? id think 800x600 would be more realistic, other than that, great idea. i especially like the idea of wirelessly controlling a rack of xServes
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    maskermasker Posts: 451member
    I guess i was thinking of the 12 TiBook in a new form factor.

    I kind of think the aluminum is here to stay, and so is the ice stuff for the consumer stuff.

    My take.


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    I'd purchase this for the "cool factor" alone.
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    [quote]Originally posted by Masker:

    <strong>I guess i was thinking of the 12 TiBook in a new form factor.

    I kind of think the aluminum is here to stay, and so is the ice stuff for the consumer stuff.

    My take.


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    trevormtrevorm Posts: 841member
    [quote]Originally posted by Masker:

    <strong>I guess i was thinking of the 12 TiBook in a new form factor.

    I kind of think the aluminum is here to stay, and so is the ice stuff for the consumer stuff.

    My take.



    Thats impressive looking I guess.

    But even if Apple did release a Tablet PC I couldnt imagine it being popular!
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    I suspect a tablet from apple will come with a keyboard that folds to the back, so that it can double as a laptop. A lawyer connected to the Apple product team has patented this as well I believe.
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    Personally the ONE feature I would love to see in a tablet (and also, for that matter in a laptop) is a built-in GPS receiver. Just think of the mapping applications that would be possible with this, and, again personally, for me this would be a totally killer app for a device of this type. It would replace a mapbook in a way that no other device could do.

    With wide area wireless internet access as well it would be a Yellow Pages on the go, showing you where hotels were, sites of interest and so on. Anyone else agree? :eek:
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    GPS, Now that an Idea! This would give it a reason for begin hauled around. People would WANT it on trips in the car.

    her "where are we hun?"

    him "dunno lets consult iScribe!"

    her "Werd. so?"

    him "so?"

    her "so where are we?"

    him "oh.. yeah one sec"

    her "look give that thing to me I figure it out"

    him "I've almost got it.. Stop grabbing!"


    him "Why are you so mad about! look I found out where we are!"

    her "no you haven't that in the UK! Give me that thing!"

    him "Maybe we went through some sort of fold in space or some s##t like that! he he he"

    her "IDIOT! look hand it over!"

    him "hey whos driving?"

    her "What?! oh....."

    fade to black.

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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Yea, it would not be black. It woul be white/chrome or the new aluminum.
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    ompusompus Posts: 163member
    We might as well included an infrared port to turn it into the ultimate remote.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    hmm, i just had the oddest idea.

    i was thinking of the TiVO/Mac article that was on /. the other day, then started reading this thread.

    i know it's probably impractical, but it would be cool if you could just do the following.

    you're working on your tablet, realize you're going to have to take off in a bit but don't want to miss your show.

    you log on to <a href="http://www.tvguide.com"; target="_blank">www.tvguide.com</a> and browse the shows for this evening....

    let's see, oh yeah, wanna grab the Osbournes, some discovery channel, oh, and it's the two hour marathon of Johnny Bravo!

    you select each show on the screen, then touch the little record button and set your tablet down and walk out the door, knowing your TiVO/VCR/ whatever will record what you want for the night....

    just seemed like it would be a very useful ability.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member

    That totally looks like an etch-a-sketch!

    Nice job though.

    [ 01-10-2003: Message edited by: Cake ]</p>
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    rhumgodrhumgod Posts: 1,289member
    [quote]Originally posted by Masker:

    [QB]I guess i was thinking of the 12 TiBook in a new form factor.[QB]<hr></blockquote>

    So, can we officially call them AlBook now, instead of TiBook?
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