which tool for burning dvd with pc 12''?

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i've got an external dvd-r drive (pioneer - 103) and i usually used discribe for backuping my hd .... now i bought a pb 12'', when using discribe, it doesn't recognise the superdrive...

i don't want to use the finder for burning dvds, the format seems not to be compatible with older dvd drives (my g4 450 can't read them)... using iso 9660 worked perfektly with discribe,... my version of toast has quite some problems with dvds... so any suggestions? which tool is the best for data dvd burning? ... which is compatible to the dirve in the pb 12''




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    The main reason the Finder won't burn DVDs that are compatible with older systems is becuase the burning speed is too fast. Go into sysprefs and adjust the burn speed.
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