Dolby Digital 5.1 / DTS off a TiBook - doublecheck please?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
This can be done, right? Just feel safer running my reasoning by The Experts before dropping a lot of my earnings on what I think is a viable solution - you know how it is... birthday coming up, and all that jazz

Here's how I understand it:

1. The sound circuitry on any Jag-equipped Mac should be able to pass off a digital audio signal to a USB port, by specifying so in the Sound Control Pane once a compatible device is plugged in and the driver installed: the one for the Xitel Pro Hi-Fi Link, for example.

2. This signal can then be referred through the linking device into a standard digital audio connector (coax or optical), which then can be plugged into a DD 5.1 / DTS hardware decoding box.

3. The decoded outputs then go to a multichannel equipped amplifier, and then their separate ways to the 5 speakers and subwoofer.

Am I missing any vital facts about the dodginess of either the Apple DVD Player software, or the on-board audio controller on a 15" DVI TiBook (or any Mac really) that would throw this all out? Such as the sound card only being able to pass off a two-channel signal to the USB port, for whatever reason?

Any help would be much appreciated! (And also whatever speaker systems you can recommend, naturally, though of course I like this one .)
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