No Power at Boot

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15" Titanium.

Warranty long gone.


Dropped by staffer, resulting in shattered crystal. While waiting for raw LCD/TFT, curious if machine would boot to an external VGA monitor, without a connected display module. Exploded; removed display module; reassembled with connected VGA monitor and full charge battery and AC power- NOTHING. No fan hum; no drive spin; no LED indicator, except on the AC power supply (Apple 65W portable- ships with i[ce]Book) where I get the orange glow as if the battery were not charged.

At this point i just assumed that powerbook wouldn't boot without all connections (namely the missing display module).

Replaced the new LCD/TFT when it arrived. Again, no fan hum; no drive spin; no LED indicator, except on the AC power supply.

I though a possible Logic board problem, but wouldn't I at least get some sort of boot?

Which leads me question the PMU board (which I did reset after new LCD/TFT installation).

Any second opinions?

Anyone know how I can test either board, aside from swapping with a laptop of same, but working calibur?


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    Exploded?! What is meant by exploded? I may be able to find a Ti repair and take apart doc somewhere for you. I will look...

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    EDIT: I found a web site with pictures and everything. It seems that the PMUs yellow protective tape and cables could have come loose if the computer "exploded"... That in my mind would keep the Ti from ever powering up. Here is that site.
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    e3sixe3six Posts: 2member
    Sorry... I just meant "exploded" as in took the laptop apart- like an exploded view in a technical document.

    I've actually successfully replaced display modules and LCD/TFT before. This particular machine was just giving me problems and I can't seem to figure out if the no power issue is a dead logic board or PMU board.

    Thanks for the concern though.
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    Probibly just a loose connection somewhere I'd take it apart again, this time being damn sure all the connections are in solid. It cannot be any worse then non-functional can it? So really what have you got to lose?

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