Internet Sharing between os X & 9.1 ??????

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This is driving me nuts. I had everything working fine for about a week and i ran mac Janitor and now I can't share my internet connection with my sys. 9.1 machine. I don't know if that's the porblem or not but I did run that and now it doesn't work. Here is how i set everything up. By the way i'm using a crossover ethernet cable.

OS 10.2.6 is the internet connecting machine


Using DHCP


Internet sharing is on

OS 9.1 Machine


Using DHCP server

Please someone tell me what i'm missing. This just doesn't make any sense...

Thanks in advance for anyones help



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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I've never had a lot of luck between my OS X PowerBook and my wife's OS 9 iBook.
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    Moving to Genius Bar.
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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Check you can access the net on the OSX machine, then the OS9 machine.

    If you have problems, you will need a net tool for OS 9 to perform the following tests which will try to help you find where the problem is.

    1.) ping (this test the network card & tcp/ip stack inside the os 9 machine.)

    2.) ping <IP of OSX machine> (This test the connection between the two machines.)

    2.) ping <some known IP address on the internet.> (This checks that the OSX is working as a gateway.)

    3.) ping <some known name on the internet> (This checks that the DNS is working on the OS 9 machine.)

    Note You will need to find the name and address of a server on the internet that does not block ping requests. ( & should do the trick. Just dont overdo it or they might thing they are getting a DOS attack.
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