10.2.6 and Tomcat.

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Im interested in installing Tomcat on my computer (Okay, i need it for Uni). But a visit to jakarta.apache.org doesn't give me instructions for OS X, and I couldn't find Binaries on the site for OS X either.

I found this website at Apple:


And i've gotten Tomcat to install and its running on port 8080. Now, im having trouble installing the apache module for it. On the apple website it states the following:


Please also note that ServerName must be defined. If you don't have a fully qualified domain name for your server, you can set ServerName to "localhost".

LoadModule webapp_module libexec/httpd/mod_webapp.so

AddModule mod_webapp.c

# port 8008 is corret, not a typo

<IfModule mod_webapp.c>


ServerName localhost

WebAppConnection warpConnection warp localhost:8008

WebAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples/



This lets me restart the webserver. But accessing localhost/examples gives me the following error:


WebApp: Error 404

(File: wa_request.c Line: 197)

Web-application not yet deployed

Any suggestions ? Any help is appreciated!

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