Little Al, Big Al, hints of ruggedized notebooks to come.

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I notice that Apple has moved away from under keyboard RAM/airport access. A while ago I mused that it would be a good thing for Apple to systematically adress ruggedization as they update their books. Panasonic does an incredible job with their mil spec toughbooks and Apple, if they're smart about it, could bring most of that goodness to mac users, and possibly carve out some more customers for it's books. Not needing to lift the keyboard should make it a lot easier to seal it against dust and moisture. The 12's HDD is already shock mounted; sealing the rest of the ports shouldn't be too difficult at all, even the slot loader. You could put a little (internally) sliding door on it that would only be visible as a thin metallic strip seen through (and inside) the narrow slot opening (when closed). The aluminium case is probably a step in the right direction too. Titanium is strong sure, but reports suggest that the alloy in the new PB's is less flexible -- good for the LCD, it won't do to have the LCD bezel flex and survive while the glass inside cracks from the twisting.

It seems the hardest task would involve sealing the vents. This too can be accomplished by simply running heat transfer pipes in such a way as their circuit is open to outside air, but closed to air within the case, imagine a tube with both ends open to the outside of the case, you pour water in one opening and it drains out the other while never getting into the case itself, that circuit doesn't actually open into the case, but exchanges heat across it's surface, something like a small dual circuit radiator is possible. Panasonic must work it similarly, as they do have fans, yet are water-proof. To really go all out you'd need to outfit a mil spec mobo capable of handling extremes of heat and cold. That might be too much, won't be too many mac users taking thei Powerbooks into Desert Storm 2, however a notebook that is thoroughly sealed against dust and water and also shock and vibration resistant while looking all the sleek business? To me it sounds like something right up Apple Design's alley.

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    I'd think a sealed laptop would be a good idea, after an unfortunate affiar with strawberry juice and a blueberry iBook.

    With a sealed laptop you have to think about heat. The G3 would be a perfect chip for this because of its cool opertaion. I do like the idea though of RAM and airport card beneath the keyboard. Maybe you could have a protective layer between the guts and the normal case, like a second skin for the laptop. This would add moisture resistance and keep dust out. I'm still worried about the heat issue.
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    I agree Matsu.

    I was really happy when I found out the keyboard didn't have to be lifted for access any longer. This should make the keyboard nicer to use as well as for the points you list.

    I think Apple learned quite a bit from the iBook and some of this is showing itself in the new Powerbooks.
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    Man, that idea is pretty sweet I think.... I too am glad that they sealed the keyboard. It'll make me feel much better when I buy something next year. (That is how long it will take me to afford it)
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    A ruggedised PB is a great idea!! one dun have to panic so often now!
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    [quote]Originally posted by Jeremiah Rich:

    <strong>Man, that idea is pretty sweet I think.... I too am glad that they sealed the keyboard. It'll make me feel much better when I buy something next year. (That is how long it will take me to afford it)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Ahh its worth the wait. I waited something like 5 years for my first Mac. Really I did! Ever since I was in Grade four all I wanted was at that time a Powerbook 100. Now I have a TiBook800!
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    Perhaps. Apple have shown they are willing to put things right from the hockey puck mouse to the Ti-Book flex and paint chip problems.

    As for the iBook. I'm struggling to see how Apple can improve those. They're fairly rugged. They still look cool and have aged better than the clam variety before them. Maybe a 'nip and tuck' on the design. Slightly slimmer? I still like the enamel white, though. My wife's iBook still looks great a year on.

    Faster G3s for the iBook 1 gig et al, drive down the prices. iBook in the UK? Cheapest is now £795 including VAT! That's amazing! Why would you buy the cheapo iMac G3 when you could get the former? This signals to me that Apple can make the iBook even cheaper and certainly give the desktops a thorough revamp on price/performance. Maybe even a new headless model.

    Lemon Bon Bon

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    Listen airport and laptops have already made me lazy enough since I can now LAY DOWN and use a laptop. The last thing I need is a sealed laptop I can use with airport in my jacuzzi.

    Mac users... the chronically obese....

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    Surfing AI from a hot tub, <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    it would be awesome for apple to come out with a laptop that is water proof without loosing any functionality

    *splash*iBook hits the water and begines to sink...or better yet float

    "my mac can take it, wanna bet if urs can?"
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