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I have found Preview to be unreliable when viewing a large (>20) number of jpegs. It confuses some of the thumbnails, and then quits either when loading or flicking through the images. I'm running this on 10.2.6 on a 12"pb and 640Mb RAM. Any ideas? If I need to, can I easily just reinstall preview?




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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    I think the problem must be the files, and not Preview. The files were after all old ones pulled from the net with classic, and if I remember correctly they were once deleted and recovered, so there you have it.

    To test, I took some high res desktops from and vaious jpegs and gifs from sites like appleinsider, yahoo..., and opened up many duplicates of some, and then a variety, and moved through them rapidly, sometimes going back on myself - solid as a rock.

    At least I have now found something that classic can do better - deal with flaky jpegs!

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    OS 9 is better at handling flakier anything. When Norton's screwed over my system so that X couldn't mount my drives, 9 could. Of course, the downside is that 9 is more flaky
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member

    Originally posted by Code Master

    When Norton's screwed over my system so that X couldn't mount my drives, 9 could.

    Several times, after there has been a power outage or I have done a hard restart, I end up with a drive which OS X will not mount. If I restart in 9, the drive will mount. After that it will mount fine in OS X. This makes me nervous about upgrading to a machine that will not dual boot. I hope Panther is a little more robust.
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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    Actually its done another wierd thing. It used to open up multiple jpegs in one window, with the pics displayed like pages of a pdf. Now all pics are loaded into seperate windows. Which is normal and can I toggle between the two versions? - I prefer them all in one window.

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