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Whats the diff between X Windows (and XFree86) and KDE,GNOME, etc?

Does KDE or GNOME need X Windows to run?

Can OS X (w/ Apple's X11) use KDE?


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    XFree86, is the X11 server. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. I think it manages all the window lists, and mouse events, video drivers etc all the lower level stuff, and the Window Manager (Gnome, KDE etc) are the actual GUI that use the X11 server to display themselves.

    hmm example...

    1.) An application will request to make a window.

    2.) The X11 server, will create the windows view ports etc. (not the actual visual window.)

    3.) The X11 server tells the window manager to display this window.

    I think thats how it works.

    Yes, KDE and Gnome require a Xwindows server.

    Yes, you can run KDE under X11 on OSX. I was contemplating installing it the other day but didn't have time... I might set fink off while I go out tonight - but you know its just gonna want an answer to a question 10 mins after I have gone.
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