Airport variability in signal strengthj and mbs!!!

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My dell laptop (ok ok as soon as work changes web based access some things i promise to get a new apple laptop my other computer upstairs is iMac) uses a dell wireless card. It's in the same place right next to my lounge chair. even though i don't move it, the signal changes from very good to low, and sometimes the mbs goes down to 1, i've had good signal and low mps and highsignal and low mps what gives, i never change the location why so much variablility right now i have very good signal and 11mps, sometimes ill lose connection for a few seconds and comes back "good" is windows my problem--that's not a rhetorical question., i mean should i change some settings or should i be looking at my airport.


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    It's probably the dell, card, my iMac does fine, see i need to get a apple laptop other people have this problem may need a non dell driver but don't worry
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