Apple's revolutionary new product a flat panel imac?

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An article on makes a mention of Apple inviting press from the Netherlands to MacWorld-SF and referrs to a revolionary consumer product. It goes on to speculate that this next big thing is the flat panel imac. What's so revolutionary about that? I swear I saw a Sony vaio at Circuit City that seems like a similar design. Aren't there a couple of products like this already out there?

So, if it's not the new Imac--and really, is a new I mac such an important new product to justify the longer keynote, a day earlier--what is it? (BTW, I don't think a G5 would qualify as revolutionay, either)

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    Do you REMEMBER the world before the current iMac?

    Apple revolutionized the consumer computer once and like it or not, they'll do it again.

    No matter what you conceive the new iMac to be, it will be 10x more innovative.

    unrelated note:

    My thinking, is that the new LCD iMac line will cease to employ the 'pro Mouse' and 'pro Keyboard'. Since they are the only mouse&kb that apple produces, why differentiate between pro/consumer. However, that said, I nobody expects to see a ball mouse from apple again.

    I am thinking that an integrated keyboard in the new iMac is a possibility, with perhaps some sort of innovative mouse integration.

    my two cents,

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    I don't think the media knows what Apple is doing and when they talk about the "revolutionary" producet they insert the LCD iMac since that's the only "Gee Wiz" product they can come up with. My impression has always been that the "revolutionary" product will be one of several new poducts including the LCD iMac.

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    Well the LCD iMac is sort of a given... the Taiwanese manufacturer of the iBook (I believe it is them... not going to dig up the article) has been reported to have received an order of 1 million or so 15" LCD screens or something like that. LCD iMac is coming.

    In another thread they were discussing something (me forgets at the moment) and a few pages in, one poster who claimed to work for Apple said that no one knows what is coming (Apple employees, that is) because everything at Apple is on a need to know basis, i.e. if you aren't on the product team, you don't know jack. He claimed he was a software engineer, and later when asked if he knew of anything coming at MWSF, he said he knew of one thing for sure, but couldn't tell us (obviously) what it is.

    So perhaps the revolutionary new product is something software?
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    [quote]Originally posted by crawlingparanoia:

    <strong>So perhaps the revolutionary new product is something software?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yes, OS XI and SuperPaint 10.
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    don't you people see? it's gonna be kidpix X!!!

    rememebr that old program?!?!! I just found a floppy of it laying around and stuck it in my computer... wow, it's amazing how much fun you can have with a program like that...
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