LEAP network?? 15 inch ti

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Hi, im going to college in three weeks, and was wondering about the wireless network compatability. I really dont understand anything about wireless networks, but this is what the brochure said. "the wireless network is based in the 802.11b standard, soon to be upgraded to 802.11g. Do not buy the standard 802.11b or 802.11g as you will need a LEAP card." What does this all mean in relation to the 1 ghz 15 inch ti w/ airport card that i am ordering? Does it have a slot to fit one of these cards? This is something i know nothing about, so any information is appreciated.




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    They're just talking about Cisco LEAP authentication. As long as your AirPort card has firmware version 2.0 or higher, you'll be OK.
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    If you're lucky, an AirPort card will work. If their APs are in Cisco-only mode then you'll have to get an Aironet card.
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