BOXX System Reviews/Evaluations?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
OK, I have a question. Perhaps I missed it, but has anyone come across any of those BOXX Technologies systems that the PC people are raving about? I'm having a hard time finding benchmarks and application performance evaluations or even simple reviews. You would figure that if the systems had been shipping since early June then *someone* must have tested it with a battery of benchmarks and applications. I'm even having a hard time locating institutions that might be using these things.

I'm really not trying to spark up a flamewar, but doesn't it seem just a little unusual that none of the mainstream review sites or technology/PC-based media sites have had anything to say about the "hands-on" experience with one of these things? If I've missed something, please post the links with the reviews and scores. On the other hand, If this topic has been discussed already then point me to the URL and lock this thread.


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