Apple: "make us a commercial"

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Just makes sense to me.

1. Apple's current commercials/marketing leave MUCH to be desired. That's just true (see bold type at end of post for clarification and to decide if you really want to participate...).

2. Apple has the most loyal, passionate (some would say pathological and obsessive) users and fans. That's true too (and I'm proud of it).

3. Many of #2 above are creative types, in the fields of writing, video production, design, music, etc. Once again, so true.

Add items 1-3 up and you come to a pretty simple conclusion: Apple should indeed have a contest.

The rules would stipulate that only Macs and Apple software could be used (duh), but what a cool showcase for Macs, FCP, iMovie, Soundtrack, etc.! Not to mention the writing, design and directing of some really talented people.

The winner - depending on quality of his submission - either gets that one played or, if necessary, Apple foots the bill to re-shoot the concept if the original submission is lacking in decent lighting, sound, etc. (for example, if someone wrote just a killer concept or tagline or overall feel, but they're coming at it from more of a writing/concept standpoint and they're not video pros and just kinda threw something together in iMovie...if it was powerful enough and Apple liked the overall idea/thinking, reshoot it with professional results. There would be some sort of allowance for that).

It's mostly the idea we're going for, but I'd imagine that there are enough pro, qualified Mac heads out there working in the video/marketing field that they could probably pull off a professional-level, commercial quality project.

The winner gets his commercial selected, gets his/her 15 minutes in the spotlight and wins a new Mac system of their choice (yeah, yeah...dual 2GHz G5 and 23" Cinema Display...I know).

Runners up (or, say, the top 20-25 submissions) get their own little spot on Apple's site (like the Switchers had for a while) to showcase their good, creative work also.

Everyone wins: Apple gets a commercial worthy of their products and reputation, an unknown - but talented - person or group gets to pour their passion into project, Apple gets some note in the press for the entire concept, people end up with Apple gear, new talent is showcased, Apple hardware and software is given front-and-center spotlight to show what it's capable of (there could be a quick little text blurb at the end of the spot that says something to the effect of "this commercial was created with..." to drive that point further home).

Most consumers and potential switchers might be very impressed with the fact that "you mean that cool commercial they just played was done with stuff I can go buy today, at the mall?"

Personally, I don't see a downside to it. One of those "everyone wins and gets a little something for the effort" deals.

Apple isn't going to put some crappy, cheesy thing on (well, no worse than their own stuff they've been running), so why not? As I've said before, we routinely toss around more good ideas and concepts here, just goofing off, than most of us have seen in real Apple ads.

Hell, you could even have a series, broken down into different categories: OS X, the hardware, iApps, music/iPod, general Apple "lifestyle vibe", etc.

For those of you who genuinely and sincerely believe that Apple's current ads and marketing are truly all they can be and "as good as it gets" and have no room for improvement, spare us all and don't participate in this thread...because you're obviously delusional. Not to mention completely dead wrong. Please don't clutter up my thread with "yeah, but at least..." silliness.

If a car company, electronics firm or fast-food chain ran spots as vague and ineffective as Apple's, you'd rightly be among the many dinging them for it. Don't continue giving Apple a pass, just because it's Apple. You'll only encourage them. They can do better. We all know it.


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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    the winner should also get an internship or job interview/offer in Apple's PR department or at Chiat/Day

    Apple's only likely caveat to such a process would be "risk to devalue/dilute brand identity"

    people might promise or imply legally delicate or roadmap-incompatible tangents to the Vision

    great idea otherwise.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Cool idea!

    I think they should also enlist us as Sales Reps like Cutco does. Door to door Direct Selling Association! I think it could work. And then we could actually be paid to learn up on facts here and yammer about 'em.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    apple doesn't need to hold a contest to do this... if you think you have a good idea that should be realized, by all means DO IT. then try to setup a meeting where someone at Apple will see this "great" commercial "concept" or whatever... and then maybe you will get a job... a contest like this would NOT go over well AT ALL...

    think of all the "Macintoshesque" CRAP that apple would have to wade through...

    not worth the time or effort as anyone who is genuinely interested in doing something like this SHOULD know how to set something like this up on their own...
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    heh, first, if Apple held a contest, they wouldn't wade through the crap. They hire someone to do that
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I will vote for the following ad every time...
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Oh man, if only they had the balls!

    So Paul, I don't have video expertise (just a dabbler), but what if I submitted some cool Play-Doh-based clayanimations to them for review?

    No, the contest thing is fine. It shows off talent and Apple gear. It's not saying "we can't do it ourselves" (although...), it's more like "hey, we've got the most talented, creative users on the planet...let's tap into that and see what they can do with our products!".

    It wouldn't be THAT ugly, would it?

    Yes, there would certainly be some boneheaded, heavy-handed "PCs SUCK...Macs RAWK!!!" crap. But anyone serious and professional about things is probably going to treat it right and submit something really good.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Ummm, why don't we just do this ourselves? We could get some companies to put up some gear for prizes, let them "sponsor" it...have a deadline of the last day of September...

    Have somebody host the 30 second spots....could be really, really, mighty, mighty fun.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    Good idea YOU HAD, pscates!!

    (not saying you had read this, but the timing seemed funny to me)

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Freaky. I swear I didn't read that, but you're right...the timing IS pretty odd, huh?

    Hey, I have no reason to lie...if I'd seen that item, I would've simply started a thread, linked to it and commented on how I thought it was indeed a good idea.

    I'm not an idea-stealer, besides I'd have to be pretty stupid to try and do that purposely (passing something off as mine when any number of you could see the article at that site).

    No, probably more of a case of "great minds thinking alike" or something.

    I was thinking about this probably on Wednesday or Thursday (saw something on FCP and reading a thread at another Mac site that was ragging on Goldblum). You have my word: all my posts/ideas (for better or worse), are from my own demented mind. Anything else out there I come across and like, I simply link to it and provide proper credit. In this case, I honestly hadn't seen that (although I've now bookmarked the site, because I wasn't even aware of it!).

    So I get a new Mac news site out of the deal! Thanks, M.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    I just read the article murbot linked to...almost word for word!

    That IS weird. Maybe we Mac faithful who are massively annoyed by Apple's current marketing have all just reached a head this week and felt compelled to write about it?

    But he says pretty much what I do (only better and more "writer-y").

    Good for him! More people will read his anyway, so that's great!
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member

    Originally posted by drewprops

    Ummm, why don't we just do this ourselves? We could get some companies to put up some gear for prizes, let them "sponsor" it...have a deadline of the last day of September...

    Have somebody host the 30 second spots....could be really, really, mighty, mighty fun.

    Make it so.

    Somebody fire it up.
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