Should I jump on dual 1gig Powermac deal?

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I am definately a behind the curve kind of guy. I do this for a hobby and not because I have cash hanging in the balance. I currently have a PowerMac [email protected] with 1 gig SDR-RAM and with a 32xcdr.

I have found a deal where I can get a MDD dual 1 gig PowerMac for $1100. It doesn't have the modem and the videocard is a Geforce4mx. It has an 80 gig HD and 1 stick of DDR ram. It also has a Superdrive (Pioneer 104)

What do you think? Should I jump on the dual 1 gig for $1100 and sell off the older G4 to make back some of the difference?



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    Could you guys/gals add a little reasoning to your already lengthy posts?

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    Well, considering that a single 1.25GHz G4 is $1299, and only comes with a Combo Drive, I'd say $200 less for a dual 1GHz with a SuperDrive is a nice little deal. If the 32x CD burning is something you have grown to really like, you can drop a fast CD-RW drive in the second optical bay for peanuts.

    Doesn't sound too bad at all. This is without researching it too much though... have you checked prices at SmallDog and the like, to see what dual 1GHz machines are going for?
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    if you dont... can I?
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    No way....the Powermac G5 is a watershed. Now I buy computers VERY infrequently, but I try and make sure I get them on the cusp on a new technology. I bought the Blue-White G3, as it was very clear it was the beginning of something different for Apple...

    Flash forward 4 years, and I've still got the same machine ( it's a Yikes! g4). It's old, but it's got enough kick to keep me going until I get a new G5 (the financial crystal ball says January '04).

    The Powermac G4 is effectively dead. I give it 2 years of good performance, and maybe 1 more of decent performance. The Powermac G5 has the "legs" that you need, it could be your number one machiney for many, many years to I think, no.
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