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Hello all,

Right now I have a 17" CRT monitor from my old PC set up on a monitor stand. My 12-inch Powerbook is hooked up to it and I'm using the CRT as the primary display, and the Powerbook is open (I'm using its keyboard) but the backlight is off. [So effectively I have the CRT "on top" of the powerbook.

Is there a problem if I keep using my computer in this setup? Like other than dust, etc settling on the laptop's screen, are there advantages/disadvantages to using it with the screen closed?

And if I do invest in an external keyboard, what model do you all suggest? I'd like to have one with a USB hub, like the Apple pro keyboard, so that I don't take up both USB ports with the keyboard and my mouse, and I'd like to keep this under $50.



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    well for one there is the ergonomics of it... the laptop keyboard is good... but not as good as a fullsize one... and also you are sharing your video memory with a display that doesn't have anything on it... if you close the PB you can use all of the vram for the CRT...
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