OK, art aficionados,a question about sculpture

in General Discussion edited January 2014
It's Sunday night, the libraries are open but I'm too lazy to get my ass out of bed, I'll probably check it out during the week, but some of you have ben pretty sharp on photography in the past, so here goes.

A sculpture motif that I believe is either greek or Roman, and it involves wet clothing stuck to the skin, I think, in the model of many classical art terms, it follows the Italian, appiccicato, meaning literally, "stuck to"

But after and an afternoon of drinking I could jut be hallucinating!

Surely there's an art student among you with a useful linky or two handy?

I've noticed this in a lot of advertising with sexy femmes, re-iterated as sweat, rather than water, umm, sexy sweaty femmes, yay! For some weird reason, nudes, or semi nude, make me think of sculpture, but perhaps I'm just feeling nostalgia for Europe?

Anyway, any commments, advertising to classical trope re-imaging that you've noticed yadda yadda, archetypal stuff, whatever. Just drinking out loud.


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