Info concerning the GPUL2 and the 980

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I pulled it from Macedition, since I know a lot of people find it wearisome to wade through the Naked Mole Rat's style.....

(Personally, I like it )

"Speaking of intergenerational relations, the Blade has received some snippets of new intelligence about the successor to the PowerPC G5; aka PowerPC 970; nee GPUL (GigaProcessor Ultralite).

The GPUL2, which was recently fingered as the centerpiece of a mid-2004 line of Linux servers from IBM, is also a presumptive player in Mac models due at the same time; however, the Blade?s sources caution that, whirring of the propaganda machine aside, the Rev B processors won?t mark much of a departure from the Power4-based underpinnings of the current chip.

Specifically, the next-generation processor will be based on IBM?s Power4+, not the Power5, the Blade?s moles attest. ?GPUL and GPUL2 are considered the same architecture, and if the marketing drones don?t fiddle with it, GPUL2 should be marketed under the 970 series,? they chirp. ?The 980 series (if indeed it will be called 980 at all) will be the chip referred to as P5UL (Power5 UltraLite).?


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    zapchudzapchud Posts: 844member
    We already have a thread for the GPUL2, yet no for the P5UL... doubt it's worth another thread yet, but I'll hand that desicion to the mods...
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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    oops, my mistake....well, at least this is an update, and, if true, lets us split discussion between the GPUL2 and the P5UL.
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