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In Europe (at least in France), more and more CD albums are copy protected. 'Hail to the Thiefs' (Radiohead) is protected (it was not in the US if I remember well) and many other recent albums are protected too. Actually most of the new albums here are copy protected.

So Here's the problem: If I can't Rip my CDs, I can't Burn them, witch I don't really care about because I don't use a CD player anymore. The real problem is that it makes my iPod UNUSABLE (my old CDs are already ripped).

Who would buy an iPod in France today ?

- I know there are techniques to work around the problem. But it takes hours, and it becomes a waste of time to get your brand new CD on your iPod.

- As it's getting on my nerves I could decide to catch mp3s of my recently bought Album with Acquisition or Poisoned. This is totally absurd I know. And I hate half-Albums, reversed-ordered albums or badly encoded tracks.

- A consumer association (60 millions de consomateurs) is actually trying to block that new 'tendency' because private copy has always been a respected law here (until now). Hope it will work or Apple can say bye-bye to its iPods sales in France (and Europe). Too bad: The iPod has excellent reviews quiet everywhere (even on the dark side :-)

As a side note: Why is Radiohead available on BuyMusic and not on the ITMS ??? (at least 'Ok-Computer')


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    You know, it's funny. Matthew Sweet released a new record in Japan only this year. Amazon said it was copy protected, so I ordered it. When I got it, I popped it into iTunes, and iTunes ripped it without any problems at all. I found it amusing...
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    fireants22fireants22 Posts: 119member
    i was annoyed when i picked up the latest Massive-attack Cd and only noticed the tiny white sticker when i got home. Lo-and-behold, i couldnt rip it on the G4-tower but decided to try on my tiG4-800dvi anyways. IT WORKED!!!!.

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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I believe that the app xcd-roast claims it can rip copy-protected albums (allowing, of course, for differences in the protection schemes used). I wouldn't know, personally, because I've never run into a copy-protected cd as of yet (I'm lingering in musical days of yore). In either case, for any cd-rip, I'd recommend this app. If this doesn't make a perfect rip, you won't be able to make one on that mac.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    If all else fails, you can always rip it at 1X with a Walkman connected to analog input.
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    zouniczounic Posts: 53member
    'xcd-roast' doesn't works with my Radiohead CD and is a pain in the ass (you know... Java apps...).

    As for ripping from an Analog source, I'd better use Audio Hijack (wich is what I finally used with my RH CD).

    The problem is :

    1 - It takes hours to rip at 1x (especially if you have to use another app to cut your big file into several single tracks)

    2 - My Sister, my dad, my mum, my wife and most of my friends aren't 'nerds' searching VersionTracker as I am. They won't use such apps: So they won't buy an iPod (anymore). The situation becomes critical... and I'm very angry (against Music-Prod companies -> Private copy is a Right, not an (old) feature ;-))
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member

    Originally posted by Placebo

    If all else fails, you can always rip it at 1X with a Walkman connected to analog input.

    If you have a CD player with an optical out and a g5, why not rip the cds that way (still 1x)

    will this result in any quality loss? i would assume the answer is no

    i'm sure the analog route will cause some loss in quality
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    dnisbetdnisbet Posts: 201member
    The whole copy-protected thing is annoying, I have no desire to share my mp3's over the internet (my internet connection is too slow for a start).

    However when the copy-protected thing doesn't work, it makes me laugh. Ripped the new ("Copy Protected") Blur album to an iPod last weekend, the only strangeness was one track "Crazy Beat" was only 9 seconds long.

    I totally agree that breaking copyright laws is wrong, but really they should have thought about that when they came up with the methods to distribute music, CD's with copy protection do not comform to the compact disk standard and as a result sometimes do not work in older CD players which is ludicrous.

    "Home Taping is killing Music" - Who uses tapes now? Did it kill the music industry? Yes, perhaps the digital age poses a bigger threat, but I think they're always be people who try to copy and people who just can't be bothered.

    The laughable thing is, even if the CD is unreadble in the computer you can still rip it through audio in, not a huge amount of quality is lost, and in the end you'll convert it into lossy mp3 anyway.
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