Anyone remember "David's Stone"?

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just curious. i can't remember the details. i do remember that several of allenmcjones' predictions came to pass (glove, among others). the reason i bring it up is that, looking at the 12" and 17" powerbooks, i could only think to myself...

this could be "david's stone." then the 17" pbook certainly would qualify for "goliath."

remember when the 21" behemoth CRTs were code-named "moby"? god those thinsg were huge and heavy.


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    would you be remembering Elvis: the two button swivelling hips mouse?

    Was wolf in there somewhere. Yes, my deskotp is cluttered with AllenMcJones' stuff.

    David's Stone was the killing strike to M$. Have we seen it with yet-another-browser "safari" or a 25% stake in MS Office with Keynote. Or was it the new iCam loudly broadcast by SJ at the last keynote.

    AllenMcJones is DITW.

    I hate to say this: but the infamous AMcJ has slightly less credibilty as dorsal (not saying that he is wrong - but seems to have gone a long way down hill over the last year).

    Have a good weekend

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