contribute 2?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
anyone tried it yet?

i know its not pro-software, but a couple of my clients would find it a lot easier to update pages with it than building them a web editing interface!

all i need now is for it to connect to zope...


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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    It is really cool and easy to use, I had the beta CD that i got a Macworld, the program is really easy to use and does most of the things it is suppost to, it is really only for editing text, changing images, and adding images or flash movies, that is about it, if you want to do more you need something like Dreamweaver, I have both and I still use Contribute a lot because it is a lot faster to edit things.
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    chrisgchrisg Posts: 239member
    I have the trial of Version 2, haven't tried it out much. I did however try a copy of 1.0 on my Windows machine and I thought it had some rather cool features. One that I found to be very useful was the ability to insert Word or Excel documents and have them converted to HTML on the fly or be directly linked. I'm am not sure if this feature is in the Mac version; I do know that Flash Paper unfortunately didn't make into the Mac version.
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