iSight's "Killer App" - Interface?

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WIRED has a story today about the latest and greatest in gamer gee-whiz gizmos

<and that may take this thread into the realms of DH or CH or FH or GD. patience>

"Appeasing the Control Freaks" describing a new game controller from Sony

<USB *cough*> video camera pointing at you and your sensor gloves.

camera tracks your movements and gestures as game inputs.

'chroma-key' overlay so you appear on video in the game

or your moves are translated to polygonal hero for exaggerated effect

this seems to be an evolution from the Intel and FisherPrice IXP Digital Video Microscope a few years ago. basic usb microscope delivering barely 640x480 video exclusively for display on computer.

IIRC, they also functioned as webcam, and the software bundle included a bubble-popping game where you could jump around in your room and the camera would motion-track your movements into a chroma-keyed world.

rudimentary, but on some levels the easiest UI... just do what you do, the machine will watch and learn.

the actual PS2 product website is

now if we acknowledge that the iSight's FW video is far superior...

and we know people beef about Apple's solo button mouse input...

and we know Apple has some clever video/ chromafx/ ultimatte patents...

Ives better be designing some gloves and headmounts

picture the progress from PS2 to PowerMac redesign

gestural recognition will require good video grab... (hello iSight)

gestural interface will require good interface... (hello Apple)


"We wanted to broaden the audience base that we have with the PlayStation 2, expanding beyond the people who were turned off by joysticks," said Richard Marks, Sony Computer Entertainment America research and development manager. "We weren't trying to create a better interface for Quake. We wanted something like Minority Report, where people could flip through information using their hands."

remind you of SJ describing the Macintosh to the DOS world?

Negroponte's Media Lab has had this stuff in the skunk works for ages

I'd love to see what Steve's elves could do with it.

Strikes me as the next logical killer app for iSight, and Apple's opportunity to lead anew.

your thoughts?

p.s. if Apple does do this and dominate, i expect a credit and a few of 'em


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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    While Wishi Washi the window washing game seems to be the one featured in the { Flash 5 Video} TV Ad

    I prefer Kung Foo, where you get to be Godzilla sized and whack puny Marios. Looks fun!

    The Beat box game where you mix samples by touching speakers is clever too.

    even better if you could use Soundtrack to customize the audio loops

    Hey Moki! Can your SnapzProX guys do this with/for the iSight?
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