PPC 970 in an imac/emac? Why not.

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So I hear about the 970 being relatively cheap to produce, on par with the G4 and all. If that is indeed the case, then why not stuff one of those into the imac and emac, and close the speed gap in a hurry? I understand that apple likes to have different processors in their consumer and pro lines, but at this time, don't you think drastic action is needed across the entire spectrum? So long as the price of the computers didn't bloat anymore than they already are, what about a line up like this @ MWNY:

1 ghz ppc 970 15 inch imac (cd-rw): 1199

1 ghz ppc 970 17 inch imac (cd-rw): 1499

1.25 ghz ppc 970 17 inch imac (superdrive): 1699

and then have pro linupe like so:

1.4 ghz ppc 970 tower: 1299 (make an affordable tower dammit! everyone else can!!!!)

1.4 ghz (x2) ppc 970 tower (superdrive): 1999

1.8 ghz (x2) ppc 970 tower (superdrive): 2599

In my estimation, this would be a killer lineup, and the type of bold performance move that we have not witnessed from apple in a long long time. If the 970 is in fact as fast as two g4s at the same clock speed, then then the rush on computers as everyone went to upgrade would be incredible. more importantly, apple would receive incredible attention in the professional markets once again, and potential switchers who have held off would come in droves.

i don't believe apple can continue to hobble it's consumer computers for the sake of not upstanding it's professional lineup any longer. apple needs to push both lines equally hard, and if the ppc 970 comes to pass as expected, they just might have the chip to do it.


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    [quote]Originally posted by rutabaga:

    <strong>So I hear about the 970 being relatively cheap to produce, on par with the G4 and all.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    1) Nobody knows it.

    2) To be frank, I doubt it.

    3) In the beginning it will be positively expensive.

    [quote]<strong>Why not stuff one of those into the imac and emac?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    There may be great heat issues. No one knows it now, I'm afraid.
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    The 970 @ 1.2 GHz will be about 20 Watt, I doubt that's hot. IBM will produce them in their new fab, on the 0.13 process and 300 mm wafers. So thes should be able to put quite a few of 970s on a wafer (which means lower price) and at 1GHz (if they produce them that "slow" at all) shouldn't be a problem for the i/eMac.

    So it is possible, but I'd say the PowerMacs would be all dual then. It would certainly sell those iMacs, eMacs and PowerMacs quite well if Apple could claim "first consumer computer manufacturer to offer 64bit across the desktop lineup".
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