need PowerBook purchasing advice

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Well I have been a pc user since the begining, I am so used to XP I can can use it with my eyes closed.

Honestly I am bored of it. I am tired of using XP (and I use linux as well)

So I decided to switch to OS X. I will start collge in sept. And was wondering if a laptop provided any help (should I get a laptop) since I have been working all summer for it, and now that I have 1500$ I dont want to spend it on something I dont really need (because obviously by the time Im out of school there will be FAR better laptops available)

If I do need a laptop, I was thinking of the 12 or the 15" powerbooks. I would love the mobility of the twelve, but at the same time I use photoshop, maya, flash.....I guess I could hook it up to an external monitor...

And according to jdl new PoweBooks are comming out soon, but I before I was told that the new powebooks will be comming out in June....

the heating problem should have never should have fixed it before the powerbooks ever came out...( and the worst part is when you call them they say that there is no heat problem on the 12" PB )

I guess Im meandering like a retard without making a point

ok Should I get a powerbook now or wait until sept.

(and could anyone make an educated guess on when the new powerbooks are comming out)

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    omekomek Posts: 43member
    Well.... considering what happended with the G5s and other systems. I wouldn't expect them until the Paris Expo or before that.

    We all knew there was going to be an annoncement when the entire web was expecting new computers. I think that what is happening here is going to be the same process. However, this dilemma has been going on for some time now. What's strange is the ENTIRE PB line is getting dangerously close to being EOL'd. This means that Apple has stopped shipping them, because they're expecting updates relatively soon. Soo I'm going to expect that there will be some ranting for another month or so, and then at the Paris Expo, Steve will give us new Powerbooks and hopefully it will be worth the wait.. \

    So far I've heard.... ambient lighting sensors and backlit keyboards across the entire line, a thinner 12", bigger 15.4" screen, ATI 9600 128, DDR RAM across the line, new Moto processor up to 1.3GHz, a possible Dual 1GHz notebook, and recently I heard a reallllly crazy one that suggested that Apple's fuel cells are ready to go in the new Powerbooks or perhaps some kind of new battery that has been kept under raps wich increases PB battery life immensely... and at the veeerrrry bottom of the list, I heard there may be a case revision to allow better cooling...
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    get a 12" if you like the portability. heat is NO problem, despite what you may have heard from a bunch of sissies. I had a PB800 15" for some time, and it was quite a bit hotter. my 12" is a winner.

    if you can't stand the small screen, DONT get a 15" yet. they've GOT to be updated real soon.. there's no way it can stand without an update much longer...

    if i would do anything, i'd wait till the 15"ers are updated. get one straight away - or if the 12"ers are updated at the same time, get one of those. if you cant wait, you cant go wrong with a 12".
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    fireants22fireants22 Posts: 119member
    Sorry to be such a downer, but i thought your budget was only $1500? I dont think you can afford either of those options at this point.
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    EDU pricing for the 12" combo powerbook is $1399
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    I wouldn't worry about the 15 incher being the 'oldest' model.

    Unless you have more than one airport extreme computer (802.11g) at home, the original airport (802.11b) will still be way faster than your internet connection. Your college and just about every hot-spot out there is likely to use 802.11b for their network so the newer wifi isn't that critical. 802.11b will still be faster than your internet connection 5 years from now.

    Similarly, unless you're the type that always has the newest gagetry possible, bluetooth has few compelling applications for the expected lifetime of a laptop purchased today. Some people find wireless mice for laptops to be convenient. Others find bluetooth mice to actually be more inconvenient.

    I advise a test drive all three powerbook sizes. No particular one is commonly considered to be the 'best', each has significant merits for different types of users.
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    Even when the new PB's come out, they most likely will not be instantly available. If you need one now, get it.

    I enjoy my 12" PB. You can't go wrong with it, current or future model.
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    vague title + purchasing advice --> edited title + moved to General Discussion
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    I own a 12" PowerBook. The thing's a frickin' ice cube after using an 800MHz Titanium. Get one from the Apple store for $1399. Just remember to max the RAM on that mofo and you'll be all set.
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    Thanks guys, I decided that I will get the powerbook 12"combo for 1399 (buy the ram from a local dealer (cheaper))

    thanks for your help

    (I liked my vague title)


    keep on doinking (
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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    Here is a chronology of the computers I've used since Ronald Reagan was president:

    Atari 2600

    TRS-80 (school)

    Commodore 64


    IBM AT's (work)

    IBM Clones (work)

    Compaq (work)

    Playstation 1

    Dell (Desktops)(work)

    Dell (laptop) (home)

    Playstation 2

    Apple Powerbook Ti (home)

    Out of all those machines (excluding the game consoles) the Apple Powerbook Ti is the BEST, bar none, machine I have ever owned...I still own a Dell PC which I use for those web sites that Safari has trouble with. But, for everything else, nothing is more fun than using the Powerbook.

    My advices to you...get as much Apple as you can afford...from a long-time PC using person, it's the best choice you'll ever make...
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member

    Originally posted by O-Mac

    I still own a Dell PC which I use for those web sites that Safari has trouble with. But, for everything else, nothing is more fun than using the Powerbook.

    Really? What are the sites that neither Safari nor Camino will load?

    Using both, I find myself in good shape.
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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    I had some problems with careerbuilder for a bit. Actually, it was the mail program that had a problem. whne I clicked on the link nothing would happen...otherwise, just opening it up from safari worked fine.
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    sushiismsushiism Posts: 131member
    get a 15 inch its true perfection

    +ports at the back where they should be

    +slight gap between screen and base so you can see the ports at the back which is utter design genius

    +black keyboard looks much much nicer

    +perfect size, 12inch is too small really, and 17 in a total desktop replacement and a whore to lug home

    +nice 2 tone design instead of a big slab of silver

    +nicer looking speakers

    +not a first edition to all problems have been addressed (the ALbooks may have some small probs that you cant find out till they've been out eons, like the first set of Tibooks chipping which has been solved )

    +nicer sleep light hehe

    seen as they're very similar bar a few things that are not really important for a few years yet (firewire800 whatever) and the 15 is a much better size then id go for the 15

    I'm similar to O-mac

    i've owned:


    amiga 500 (not plus because they were crappy)

    486 pc

    p2 300 custom made pc

    p3 600 custom pc

    apple Tibook

    the Tibook is best best machine I've owned (with amiga coming 2nd best )
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    Wait. You know that an update is due soon and if you don't wait you'll just kick yourself when the new ones for the old price come out. Then get a 12" with the superdrive. Rumor has it that it'll have the PC card slot and be pretty much a shrunken 15".
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I hope they can fit a PC Card slot in a 12''er. Of course, I know next to nothing about that kind of design. I'd rather see a DVI-out port, though.
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    Originally posted by sushiism

    get a 15 inch its true perfection

    +slight gap between screen and base so you can see the ports at the back which is utter design genius

    Totally and completely agree!! Wow, that is cool.
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