iMac/eMac/iBook Screen hack w/o OF

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Applescript for Dual Monitor Support with modern iBooks, iMacs and eMacs - (from a reader mail)

"hi mike, the in germany well known comp-mag c't has made an applescript that should enable the dual-display support for ibooks, imacs and emacs (models with dual display capable gpus like radeon 7500..) unlike changing the settings in the OF yourself.

(there's an older article here on this sort of OF mod)

it should be reset to default, if you zap your nvram.

you have to use it in X, after enabling the dualsupport is also in 9 given. if your ibook has only 16megs (VRAM) you should enable quartz extreme using PCIextreme (assuming Radeon chip and not a Rage128 chip which has no QE support regardless)

the download page is:

after unstuffing you'll find two textdocuments and two applescripts iBookScreenEnhancer

iBookScreenEnhancer + Desktop

the second is to use the ibook with external monitor and closed lid.

i haven't tried it yet, because i don't own one of these machines.

FYI: the license says, you can enable download, if:

you dont charge anything for it

you have to tell it is not pd and "heise zeitschriften verlag gmbh&co kg" is the author and origin


oli v.


I was unsure if this should go under software or hardware, so in the endI chose this. Anyways, if anyone tries this out, post here! One thing I am unclear on is if it supports the original 8 meg iBooks. I would suspect it *could* but it just says Radeon. But I would be curious because I may be getting a 500 mhz "icebook" soon.


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    This will not work on 8 meg iBooks.

    The iBooks with 8 megs did not have a GPU capable of multi monitor support. All the applescript does is enable existing features of the newer GPUs which Apple has chosen not to support themselves for various reasons.
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    I figured that was the case, but the reason I wondered is the original TiBook was based on the same GPU I thought...
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