Converting MPEG to AVI

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Just got my Cybershot P10. Tried edit the movies (MPEG VX) taken with the P10 with my iMovie but I can't so I decided to use QT Pro to export to AVI or DV. BUT, there's no sound coming out after the export!!!

What could be the problems? And are there any programs that I can use to convert these MPEG to AVI?

Please help!!!


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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    its becaused its a MUXED file

    This is the bane of iMovie.

    See this link for help.

    Basically, go to and get an app that divides the audio track from the video track. Do a seearch for "muxed". I think the app is appropriately called bbdemux.

    BUT its not finished there. The audio file that is created is NOT importable to iMovie. You have to use a Classic app (SoundApp) and a plugin called SoundApp Converter.

    Yeah, its a friggen mess.

    It would be SO nice to allow iMovie to import MUXED MPEGS directly...
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