problem with internet connection with OS 10.2.6

in macOS edited January 2014

i'm using a white 12 inches iBook, 700Mhz, 384MB RAM,

& having a problem with internet connection with OS 10.2.6 at my home sometimes,

i'm using normal modem phone line in my house,

i do it the usual way to connect to the net:

1- plugged in the phone line,

2- select the location (home)

3- go to the "Modem" icon (on the top-right on menu)

4- click & select "connect" , the running text "dialing" appear

5- wait for a while, word change to running text "connection"

6- & it change to "00.00.01" which mean i'm connected.

then sometimes when dialing at 5- it will suddenly become running text "disconnecting"

& it will remain there (disconnecting) for the rest of time!!

longest i waited in 30 minutes!

i try to go & click "disconnect" manually, it doesn't help.

so i log off & come in again, the running text "disconnecting" remain!

& i have to restart & come back again in order to make it disappear.

i feel very upset about this, & very troublesome for me.

it never happen to me before 10.2.6.

so questions:

a> anyone know why this happen? is it something to do with my network setting?

might not be because most of the time it work too & i didn't do any changes in system preference.

b> anyone how to fix it?

c> anything to do with me having some 3rd party system preference running?

i got windowshade X, ASM.

d> this is abit off topic, everything something wrong happened (this, or software hang) & when i restart, it take 2, or 3 times longer to restart (from the moment i click restart to reach the log-in page, took around 2+ minutes... i am so shy when my PC friend see this...), any idea why?

thanks guys.
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