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I am new to OSX. I just bought this computer this week. It is a mirror door 1ghz dual with a gig and half of memory. I am running 10.2.6.

The computer does not wake from deep sleep. It is important for me to put it to sleep because the previous owner did not fix the fan problem and it is loud in the night time when the house is quiet. Either the screen just stays off or I get a message saying to restart. Today I noticed that when I restarted it opened in administrator. The only way I would have noticed is that the dock is set to hide in administrator. This seems dangerous as my wife and young son also use the computer.

Any ideas what is wrong.


Bob G


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    "Administrator"? You mean an account that can administer your computer? It's not too dangerous. Also, is the message to restart in different languages? That's a kernel panic.

    What have you tried to fix the problem? I'd recommend doing our normal battery of repairing disk permissions, fsck the hard drive, making sure you have no peripherals that are causing problems, etc.

    Repairing disk permissions:

    1) Open disk utility

    2) Select your primary HD

    3) Repair tab -> repair permissions

    fscking the HD

    1) Restart the computer

    2) Immediately hold the apple key + S (this is called single user mode)

    3) Let go after a few seconds

    4) When the text stops scrolling on the screen, type "fsck -y"

    5) Let it do it's thing

    6) If it says it's repairing something, wait for it to finish and repeat the command. Keep doing this until you get the message "[your hard drive name] appears to be ok."

    7) Type exit

    Now, what sort of peripherals do you have connected to the computer? Give us all the details.


    ps - this should probably be in the genius bar
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