ANOTHER powerbook post!! wow

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ok, I played around with os X.....and......OMG....unbelievable, its fast, pretty and soooooo sexy. The graphix are amazing, and its soooooooo smooth

Well that settles it, Im getting a 12" powerbook yay!

but I dont want to get it and see it updated like a month later, so I decided to wait...

Just posting this so....

please post any predictions, edumacated guessses, and facts about the new powerbooks, Just can't wait!! (if anyone knows the date of the update....that would be greeeaat)

also if you have time take a look at my website


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    How quaint, a commercial...
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    The EOL for the 12's was relleased by Apple a few days ago. The new 12's are supposed to have a PC slot and the backlit keyboard and a dual memory slots for a total of 1 GB of RAM. Also they are trying to squeeze all of that into the 1" barrier like the 15 and the 17. Expect the new 12's to premier with Panther.
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    THATS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is there a "when?"
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