creatine monohydrate

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i was wondering im pretty healthy as it is and please dont give me the youll be fine as it is u dont need that stuf.

about 175 cm 78 kg pretty good frame and avergly built.

lood to bulk up. so has anyone taken creatine. any side effects.well theres none that i know off

any other better poducts out there.

also anyone tried some weight loss stuff like xenadryne.



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    I used to take creatine, Just make sure you drink plenty of water, And if you want your build to stay make sure you take it and then work out about 45 minutes after taking it. All it does it make it so your muscles can hold more water. If you stop taking it, it stops doing that and your build will shrink back to normal unless you work out. The only side effect I felt while on it was the urge to eat. A LOT.
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    robbyrobby Posts: 108member
    thanks for the response.

    then do u recommend something else instead
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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 444member
    As far as supplements go. I really only have protein bars.. The real bulk I guess you can get with the powder, but I just like to keep fit.

    Creatine seems to be a very popular choice, I know a lot of bodybuilders use it.. There's also the 'Aussie Bodies' powder, very good clean pure protein powder, I did use that for a while, just have it on your muesli or another meal.

    Not much help though I guess. Maybe contact a personal trainer for some advice, that's often a good place to get it. (Remember, this is a Mac discussion site, so we're mostly geeks.)

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    Nope infact I loved the creatine It was just expensive is all.. Go ahead and give it a shot. I only suggest it though if you are going to be working out after taking it.. Otherwise when you stop taking it your results you paid so much for will go away..
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Just a word of caution: Many once-popular supplements have been discovered to cause illness and death. These things are exempt from the normal testing required of pharmaceuticals, and so no one knows what kinds of damaging effects they may have. So instead we wait for lots of people to use them and see how many people get sick. Doesn't sound like a study I want to participate in, but whatever floats your boat.

    In general you should get what you need from food, not pills. It works better (vitamins and nutrients are absorbed better through food than from pills) and it's safer.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    i tried using creatine last year for 2 months. didn't see a lot effect - maybe i got about 3-4 lb more (muscle??) weight with small frame and average sports. but i also got kidney trouble - i'm unsure if the creatine had anything to do with it? 107 f fever and 1 weeks with no sleep and 2 weeks offline because unable to do anything, thus i quit.

    try - but don't take products with creatine and lots of other stuff, just plain creatine, maybe with carnitine too. try a month and you'll see how it works for you.
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    jesperasjesperas Posts: 524member
    Used it for about 6 months when I hit a sticking point in my routine where I wasn't making any gains (strength or bulk), and it did help overcome that. I do remember recovering faster and having more energy for my workouts, but couldn't say for certain if that was due to the creatine or just placebo effect.
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    rara Posts: 623member
    Creatine is fine and healthy to take. Side effects/problems arise only if you aren't drinking enough water while taking it.

    You should take creatine every day, even when you don't lift. On lifting days, you should take it after, not before your workouts. Studies have shown this to be more effective.

    Taking creatine, you'll have more short-burst energy (sprints, weight lifting, etc) as well as shorter recovery periods.

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    tim101tim101 Posts: 1member

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