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I would like to rip a few of my DVDs into avis (or other formats) to the desktop, but I don't know of any apps for free that'll do it. I keep losing my cds and dvds and I have managed to copy my game cds and they work, but DVDs don't work in the same manner...

Any help?


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Try the program forty-two... It's freeware, and does exactly what you're looking for very easily.

    However, it does take a LOOOONNGGG time, like 24 hours on my 800 MHz G4 iMac

    They do have a special shareware version that's supposedly faster, but I'm not sure what kind of gains it gets you.

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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Thanks for the link, much appreciated..

    This looks sweet... Although seems to be a tad slow, shouldn't take long. Thanks again
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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    I prefer OpenShiiva: http://openshiiva.sourceforge.net/
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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 446member
    What sort of .avi's does it convert to. I hope the type Quicktime can read!

    All the DivX programs I've downloaded, none of them worked, so I gave up, and shareware apps aren't my favourite type of download either..

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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    either Mplayer or VLC has played just about any Divx file I've had so far... you may want to try those out.
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    Ah MPlayer can practically play anything you throw at it. Yet to come across a file format that won't play in MPlayer. Definately worth a try.

    It's free too.
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