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well, if you look closely, you will see that Apple registered a new flat HD Cinema display on the 21st november 2002 at the TCO Database.

follows; rest of article from MacytiNet(italy):

[quote]Apple preparing a 20.1" WideScreen Flat Display?

CO certifies the monitors that comply with its standards in ergonomy and keeps a trace of the registered products in its database.

So if you want to find all the products manifactured by a certain firm you can do a simple search by brand, product name or certificate and find whatever the firm has brought to TCO to obtain the certification.

As you may probably know the certification is released before the product reaches the market and is done on final versions of it so that it complies exactly with the models the consumer is going to buy.

Our reader Christos Robotis made a search on the TCO database for work purposes and incidentally discovered that, among well know and old products from Apple, it is possible to find a new one that obtained certification in 2002 (on the 21st of November) and is called "Cinema HD Display".

Nor a 20.1" display exist in Apple monitors line up neither a "Cinema HD" denomination for this dimensions has been heard before.

So What?

It seems that, following the "go gigantic" trend of Apple started with PowerBook G4 with 17" display, we'll have (when? no crystal ball here...) a big flat display with "Wide" screen ratio to comply the HD definition in the name, bigger than the 19" flat screen that has been rumoured for some time.

So 20.1 inches, Cinema HD and a1038 model name are all we know for now.

The release date maybe not so far... we'll wait and see.

If you want to check and see yourself just go this page

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

and make a search with Apple in the manifacturer field.

Too bad it doesn't work with our IE o Safari browsers and we had to do a screenshot with IE on Windows... another web site to advice Apple of Safari's compatibility and maybe the reason why Apple rumours sites didn't catch the news before! <hr></blockquote>
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