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not sure where this belongs really, so move it if inappropriate.

I'm having a party in a few weeks and am going to use my 12"PB as a jukebox. However, i don't want people to be able to screw up my machines settings and therefore i've set up a second log in account.

The question is quite simple therfefore - how do i give permission to my second log in account to be able to access my itunes music folder? I'm a mac newbie by the way so be gentle (and thorough in your explanation!)

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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Highlight your iTunes Library folder, or whatever folder you keep the music in. Then press Command(the Apple key)- I. This will open a window. Then click on the arrow next to Ownership & Permissions. Then set the Group to Read Only and Others to Read Only. Not sure if both are neccesary, but change both just to make sure.

    Or you could just copy the files over to the other home folder, or move them temporaoliy if you're low on space.
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    chromoschromos Posts: 190member
    This is what I do: Move your iTunes Music folder to your ~/Public folder. Then create an alias of it back to ~/Music/iTunes (you can do this by dragging the folder back to its original location while holding down the Apple and option keys).

    While logged into your other account, you should have full access to the iTunes Music folder in your normal account. Note that you'll have to do the same alias-creation step in the new account so that iTunes will know where to find the music.

    [Edit]: In Unix-speak, "~" is your home folder, so "~" is equivalent to /Users/username.
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