Can't Log In - Drive errors?

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It appears I spoke too soon with my many posts extolling the virtues of my recent switch to Mac & OSX.

I plugged my iPod in to sync and everything on my iMac (17") froze up. Force quit would not come up, so I was forced to power off/reboot using the power button...

After boot, I can't log in as myself. It accepts my password and looks like it's going to log me in, but then kicks me right back to the log in screen...I am able to log into my wife's account perfectly, though I can't successfully sync my iPod from her account either (freezes up after 70+ songs)...

I called Applecare and they were of no help whatsoever. They had me run the Disk Repair utility and it found errors on the disk, but despite its claims to repair those errors, they continued to show up with each successive attempt, and I'm still unable to log in...

Applecare's response: "Try buying DiskWarrior" otherwise you're just f-ck'd.

I'm looking to see what everyone's suggestions are...I have to buy an external FW drive anyway, so I'm thinking I might just log in as my wife and back up as much of my stuff as possible to the external drive, then do a clean OSX install.

OR, I could buy Diskwarrior to see if it will allow me to retain my existing user account/preferences...This might be attractive since I suspect the problem is with one of the music files in iTunes (the problem seemed to arise after running a script to download album art for my library of music).

Thoughts? Advice? Opinions? Any other alternatives I could try? THANKS!!!

PS> Still love my MAC!


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    Originally posted by Sport73

    Thoughts? Advice? Opinions? Any other alternatives I could try? THANKS!!!

    PS> Still love my MAC!

    -not sure exactly what you have done to your system but if you enabled root this would be an exceptional time to login as root and hook up the firewire.

    I'm pretty sure if you login as your wife you still won't be able to have access to your account files. So you might want to login as root so you have access to all the files, hook up the firewire, back up what you need to and then rebuild the account from scratch.

    (don't mess around too much as root)
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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    I've enabled the root account and right now it looks like that is what I will do...Not the perfect solution, but at least I'll salvage my stuff and start again with a "clean" OSX install.

    Anyone know if there is a way to determine which, if any, of my iTunes files is causing the problem??? I'd hate for it to repeat itself.
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