Address Book--all gone!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
We use Apple's mail program under OSX (10.2.6). This morning my wife composed an email and was typing in the address to send it. Normally, after a few keystrokes, mail finishes typing the address. It didnt so she went to look in the address book and there was nothing.

All the addresses were gone! No entries. She is even more a novice than I am and does not mess around with the library or system folder at all. It was not in the trash, and it had not been emptied since I placed some items there yesterday.

Some things Ive done:

?Clicked on windows/address history. Nothing.

?Tried "Revert to Backup Database." It was grayed out.

?In the library under AddressBook are files such as:,, and I cant open these files, I dont have the necessary application.

And, no, I had not backed up my address book. NEver lost one before. I will next time.

Is there any chance of recovering it? We can get most of the addresses quickly from copies of sent and saved emails. But addresses that are seldom used will be problematic.

Thank you for your attention.
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