Which iMac should I get?

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Okay, I was hoping to get some advice. For a while now I'm been contemplating getting a Mac after many years in a PC environment. But now my PC is running down and it looks like a good opportunity to get a new Mac.

I was thinking of the iMac, because my wife and I like the way it looks, and because we only plan on being in the US for another 2 years and will most likely have to get a new computer after that anyway.

My dilemna right now is should I get the 15" G4 or the 17" G4. I will need to network the iMac with my PC and possibly a Powerbook down the line. I know that the Airport speeds would probably be adequate, but I'm wondering if I should just go for Airport Extreme since the PB will most likley have it.

I like the 17" screen but will most likely not use it for DVD watching as we have a large TV with DVD player and surround sound in the same room. It will mostly be used for web browsing, word processing, pictures, and music.

I know of a place where I can get a 15" with Superdrive and 512 MB Ram for the same price as a standard 15". And the price break would really help out a bit.

So, my question to you is, which one would you recommend?


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    Originally posted by rajk

    Okay, I was hoping to get some advice.

    Personally I like the 17" the screen is great,and the wider screen matches the imac better than the 15". it looks nicer. is also faster machine to.

    and when you move from the U.S. just get a power converter.
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    17, 17 and 17!! If you're comparing the previous 15-inch SuperDrive model to the new one, the 1GHz model not only has a faster processor, it has a faster system bus and twice the RAM on the graphic card. (Speedmark benches show the the 1GHz model about 30 percent faster than the 800MHz.)

    I was recently in the same situation and the changes in the current 17-inch model are worth the money. Apple is selling refurbished 17-inch models for $1,599, and I've also seen them at resellers for the same price.
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