RAM in powermac G5 questions

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does the ram have to be paired in the g5? example if I want to install a gig of ram I can't isntall one gig stick, I have to install 2 512's correct? can you mix and match and say 1 512 in one bank and then 2 256's in another? Just curious as to how it works... we're thinking of getting on for me at the office if I can convince my boss and if he thinks he can afford it. Also Airport extreme can run on a regular 802.11b network right? he's saying it can't but I'm pretty sure it can, all the stuff I've read says its so. Maybe he's misreading it.

Please help, so I can order this puppy, I promise I'll take pics when/if it comes in



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    From what I understand, you cannot. it's just like in the 6100. You have to install memory in identical pairs; there is no optional interleaving a la the 9500 series. Airport Extreme is backwards compatible with 802.11b as well.
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    Yes, you have to install the RAM in pairs, because of the memory architecture (dual channel DDR RAM). If I had not just woken up I would be a little bit more specific on how this all works but, oh well.
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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    so as long as I install it in pairs it'll work? so say 2 512's and 2 256's will work?, or do they all have to be the same size dimm?
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    As long as it is in pairs.
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