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I am using OSX 10.2.6 and after trying Mail, Address Book, and iCal for a few months I have decided to switch back to Entourage. Trouble is, after installing the Entourage conduit, iSync is still syncing with Address Book and iCal. I tried to delete iSync from my computer and Empty Trash but it says I can't because iSync is still in use. How is this possible when it is in the Trash? I am at my wit's end trying to get rid of iSync so I can hotsync with Entourage. How do I delete iSync?

Nothing I have tried to hotsync with Entourage seems to work. There is no iSync, Mail, iCal, or Address Book conduits in Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Conduits folder. If there were I would move those to the Disabled Conduits folder as instructed. What next?


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    I'm not too sure how too approach your problem, but if deleting iSync would help, you can always boot into Mac OS 9 and trash from there.

    Otherwise, your safest bet is to reinstall Mac OS X minus iSync. (You can uncheck it in the "Additional Applications" grouping in the OS X installer)

    If all else fails, you can manually delete iSync from the terminal (but I would not recommend this unless absolutely necessary). To do so, type:

    rmdir -s /Applications/iSync.app

    (NOTE: This method will remove the iSync app, but not all its scattered libraries and related files)

    Then again, I don't really know how to solve your problem, so this may hurt more than help. \

    Hope it helps!
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    I downloaded an Uninstall Utility from Apple to get rid of iSync and it worked but I still cannot hotsync with Entourage. If I still had hair I would pull it out!
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    Problem solved! First step was to uninstall iSync with a utility program from Apple for the beta program but it also works for the latest version. Then I had to uninstall Palm Desktop and then reinstall it. After that, the Entourage conduit had to be reinstalled. After all this I could finally hotsync with Entourage. Apple made going back to Entourage so incredibly difficult it looks as though they have learned some lessons from their greatest nemesis (MS) for software domination.
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