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I finally got my 320 GB firewire drive this week, and I'm in the lengthy process of transferring my 120+ cdroms and mp3cds with mp3/aac music to that beast. I'll be wanting to add all of those songs to my iTunes library and do some really heroic shuffling. However, this drive is hooked up to an iBook, my mac for the time being. I like to prance around with the mac (and I have the wireless network for it), so the drive gets connected/disconnected several times a day. How does iTunes handle this? I don't want the app to choke in a cascade of exclamation marks each time I inadvertantly put away the disk while shuffling songs from it. What I would like most is full iPod behaviour (at least as far as iTunes is concerned). The library mounting in iTunes when the disk is mounted, and disappearing when it's not. Is this at all possible, or are there other solutions? What's the best way to deal with this?


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    You could do what I'm doing, and put your music collection on a server in your home. Then mount that server in the finder, and tell iTunes that is where all your music is being stored.
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    I know for iPhoto you can get a program that manages libraries, can you get a similar thing for iTunes and then switch between music from the ext HDD and internal iBook mp3's?

    Otherwise the server option is probably best depending on whether you actually have a spare computer to be a server.
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