digital audio CPU swa- 7400 to 7450

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Anyone out there know what I would need to do

to get a 667mhz 7450cpu from one digital audio

to work in another digital audio machine

that was originally running a 466mhz 7400cpu

I'm running firmware 4.2.8


I swapped the two

The 7450 first froze up at the login screen

then every other attempt thereafter

never made it past the gray screen

with the Apple Logo on it.

I thought it would be a straight forward replacement

since the two processors ran on the same platform.

I tried pressing the reset button on the motherboard near the battery

and zapping the PRAM.

Still the same freezing issue.

Is there a firmware issue I am not aware of

or is it someting else.



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