Using PC WiFi card with Airport?

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I've been using an iBook with Airport + Earthlink DSL quite happily for the past few months. Thus encouraged, I've decided to try and "upgrade" an older VAIO laptop (running Win2K Pro) with WiFi. Bought and installed a PC card w/o any problems. Also get great signal strength, so I know that it's seeing the AIrport signal. But, can't establish a connection with ISP.

I've tried such things as copying the same IP address and subnet mask settings that're on the iBook to the VAIO, but to no avail. I didn't anticipate this much grief. Is this even doable? If so, what would I have to do to make this work?


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    vortexvortex Posts: 18member
    I've had similar problems before. The issue may be that your VAIO isn't getting a valid dynamic IP address from the base station. Here what you do:

    1) Make sure the base station is on and connected

    2) Make sure you're getting a good signal on the VAIO, your TCP/IP settings are set up to use a dynamic IP (DHCP), and that you have the correct user id and password (if necessary).

    3) Make sure your web settings ("Internet Options" in IE) are correctly set up for DHCP

    4) Shut down the VAIO

    5) Disconnect the base station and unplug its power supply

    6) Wait for a minute or two

    7) Plug the base station back in and plug the DSL cable back in

    8) Wait 20-30 seconds for the base station to initialize and connect itself

    9) Turn the VAIO back on

    Hope that works!
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