iPod/iMac/iTunes 4 Sync FREEZE

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
All was good with my new 30GB iPod and 17" iMac until i tried to conduct a typical sync last week. iTunes froze up about 20 songs into the 3,500 song sync, and I couldn't even force-quit iTunes. It created some sort of problem with my user account which prevented me from being able to log in at all. Long story short, I backed up from the root and then deleted/re-created my user account. A little hassle, but I'm back up and running.

I still can't sync my iPod however, it freezes up iTunes EVERY time I try to sync, though I am able to force quit (can't really seem to unmount it though, so I have to shut down).

Any ideas? I tried ignoring the dock and plugging straight into the iPod because I heard somewhere that the dock might be the problem...no luck.

I really want more than a $500 paperweight, which means synching is kind of a necessity...
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