Powerbook Combo Drive Problems

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While importing a CD using iTunes a couple of weeks ago, the program stopped reading the CD and I was forced to restart the computer to get the CD out. After the computer restarted, the combo drive in my 800 mHz Powerbook would reject ANY cd (music, data, etc.) that was placed in the drive. I would put the CD in, listen to the computer try to read it for about a minute, and then the computer would eject the CD automatically. I reset the PRAM on the motherboard as well as holding down Apple+Option+P+R during startup. This SOLVED the problem and I was able to use the combo drive again.....

While reinstalling 10.2 a few days ago, the same thing happened. During installation, the drive stopped working and now the computer rejects all cd's. I called Apple and the drive is under warranty, so all I need to do is send the computer to Apple for repair. Just as I was packaging up the computer, I thought I would try the drive one more time. I put in a DVD and it worked right away! However, the drive still will not read CD's, which makes me think it might NOT be a hardware issue. Any ideas on what to do?


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    There is a system pref in system preferences that will allow you to have a action issued once a disc is enjected. See what it's set at when a cd is put in.
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