iBook makes ominous grinding noise

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My iBook 800 seems to make an ominous grinding noise that sounds like its not healthy at all..it sounds like it could be the fan, as it will grind and whirrr after i use it for awhile, and i shut it off in fear. Does anyone know anything about having a problem like this, or how to remedy it?


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    could be the bearing on the fan perhaps? how old is it? maybe you can send it off for repair. You havn't used it out on a beach or dusty area have you? does it boot up ok?

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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    What part of the machine does it come from?
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    I'd think it's either the HD or fan, put the comp to sleep or spin down the hard drive. See what happens
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    pippinpippin Posts: 91member
    I bought it in late may. I'm not quite sure where it comes from and im afraid to leave it on long enough for it to happen. I'm lead to believe that it's not the HD because I can run applications and play mp3s and things like that without any sound..but after I use it for awhile this horrible grinding begins.
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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    and no cd is in the drive right? cuz if not, then its definately the fan on there. When you use it does it blow air out right? I mean do you feel some sort of wind coming out of the vents? If so then use it for what you need but as soon as that fan stops spinning and the parts overheat it'll mess everything up. I'd recommend you get it looked at.
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